2017 vs 2018 comparison

Total sales Jan 1st to March 31st (2017): 2,523
Total sales Jan 1st to March 31st (2018): 1,612

Percentage of homes that sold OVER asking price (2017): 73.1%
Percentage of homes that sold OVER asking price (2018): 12.4%

End of bidding wars?

Nice homes that are priced well are still getting offers and sometimes even multiple offers. However, the insanity of last year is gone. In 2017, pretty much every single house was selling over asking price and a lot of the times with no home inspection or financing conditions. That is not considered normal.

This year, so far, is what’s considered a normal market. Homes SHOULD take a few weeks to sell. Buyers SHOULD have time to comparison shop before pulling the trigger.

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