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Breakdown of average prices in Brampton (Jan / Feb / March / April)

Detached homes in Brampton: $796,731 / $787,172 / $796,656 / $823,963
Semi-detached homes in Brampton: $621,995 / $622,752 / $628,380 / $632,762
Condo townhomes in Brampton: $462,844 / $477,452 / $486,901 / $448,330
Condo apartments in Brampton: $347,677 / $371,409 / $359,804 / $366,567
Freehold townhomes in Brampton: $590,444 / $592,849 / $601,669 / $613,585

Total number of sales (January 1st to April 30th)

Detached homes: 1,278
Semi-detached homes: 456
Condo apartments: 160
Freehold townhomes: 363
Condo townhomes: 153


This is considered a normal market. What happened last year was NOT normal. Every single house was selling with multiple offers. Most buyers were buying homes without even doing an inspection.

Now only top of the line properties are getting multiple offers. In fact, last spring about 70% of homes in Brampton sold above asking price. Now, that has dropped to less than 25%.

Prices are still increasing (unless you compare them only to last spring). This year detached homes have increased about $30,000 since January.

Some homeowners might be upset with themselves for not selling last year but if you look year over year real estate values are still going up, especially in Brampton where the city has a lot of big plans in the near future.

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