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How real estate commissions work

By October 26, 2016 No Comments

Your mainstream real estate agent will have you believe that they’re giving you the best deal and that discount agents aren’t worth the trouble. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today you’ll learn why you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars in fees and commissions to get great service when you’re selling or buying a home.

The housing market in Brampton is booming and homes are selling so fast that it really doesn’t make sense to use a full service agent. The standard commission for full service agents in Ontario is 5% (split between the listing and selling agent) and means that on a $500,000 sale you’re giving away $25,000 in fees alone. This is where using a discount agent makes sense.

Discount real estate agents offer the same service as a regular agent but only charge 1% real estate commission.   A common complaint when using discount real estate agents is that people’s homes stay on the market a few days longer. When you’re saving tens of thousands of dollars in commission fees do a few extra days really matter? Discount agents strive to deliver value through the quality of their service and their ability to sell your home for a great price – even if it does take a day or two longer.

Building your MLS listing, showing your home, managing open houses, driving promotion and advertising campaigns, and providing relevant media are just some of the services you’ll get in the full discount agent experience. Why pay more to sell your house when discount real estate agent strategies are just as effective?

If you’re living in the Brampton area and you want to take advantage of 1% real estate commission then call Vic today!

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