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General information on real estate commissions

  • There are no “standard” commissions. Each agent/office is free to charge what they like. There are no industry minimums or maximums
  • Generally, when a seller lists their home they agree to pay the Listing Broker a certain amount of commission (usually a percentage of the sale price). The Listing Broker agrees to compensate the agent who brings in the buyer. That is also a certain percentage. Right now the going rate seems to be 2.5% but that can vary from market to market.
  • If the house does not sell usually the sellers do not have to pay any commission. Unless you sign up with a FSBO company who might charge you a flat rate upfront.
  • Some Listing Agents will charge a “Marketing Fee” to buyer agents for marketing the property. So the coop commission offered might be 2.5% minus $500 marketing fee. To me this has never made sense. Why is the Listing agent charging the buyer agent marketing fee? That’s part of the job. That would be like the Buyer Agent charging the Listing Agent “gas fee” for driving the buyer around. It’s silly and usually the Listing Agent is pocketing that money. Be sure to ask your agent if they are charging “Marketing fees” and how much that is and who will get to keep it.